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KMS Residency
2nd Main Rd, Tavarekere, Narayanappa Garden, 1st Stage, BTM Layout, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560029, India
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Overall Rating : ⭐️☆☆☆☆1 out of 5
Water Availibility
Annual rent hike
Rent per month
Secutiry Deposit
Returned Deposit
Security Deposit lost
Firnished Type
Type of house
Type of stay
Rooms :
Average living room but poor bedrooms
Bathroom :
Average washrooms
Kitchen :
Poor hygiene in the kitchen
society :
Stray dogs issue, Busy streets, bad neighbourhood
Owner Details
Behaviour :
Interference :
Amenities :
No electricity, no water for 6 months, every day some issue with fan or tube light or other connections, No security, neighbour issues, the landlord does not pick on call, have to call 5 times a day for a whole week to make him come and solve the issue. many issues, he took all the deposit as cash of 50,000 in advance, then he didn't give me the house for a whole week. The main issue was he didn't follow the agreement, the rental agreement was for 11000, but he charged 11500 for the first 5 months then he comes and says IF he does not get 13000 from this month then I will have to vacate week. I was not well and was going through many family issues, so I had to comply for the rest of the time. on leaving, he cut the entire deposit of 1 month as paint even when we had the clear agreement of half the rent, and then on top of that, he took 5000 for geyser repair. I when understood the scam he was doing, I confronted him then he didn't even listen. the scam as they will fit a 10-year-old geyser in your washroom, then it will become faulty, the electrician sent by him will come and then he will say it requires a new geyser, then he will check with the landlord and fit a new one and landlord says he will not take any money as this geyser will be used later too. but at the time of vacating they will take money for the geyser from the tenant. the old one is not faulty, they take out the insulation that ensures the geyser heat does not break the inside body. when I didn't give him the keys, he deducted 4000 for a simple lock and so basically from my deposit I got back only 15000 from my 50,000 deposit. 50,000 - 13000(month rent) - 13000(paint charges) - 5000(geyser) - 4000(door + cleaning) = 15000. they are literally Gunda with political connections. Don't ever go there
Utility Details
parking :
poor parking space
Power Backup :
regular cuts
Water Availibility :
available at a particular timing

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