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Sri Balaji Residency
Maithri Layout, Kadugodi, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560066, India
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Overall Rating : ⭐️☆☆☆☆1 out of 5
Water Availibility
Annual rent hike
Rent per month
Secutiry Deposit
Returned Deposit
Security Deposit lost
Firnished Type
semi furnished
Type of house
Type of stay
Rooms :
good living room and bedrooms
Bathroom :
good washrooms
Kitchen :
good kitchen
society :
Stray dogs issue, there are about 34 dogs in the locality that howl and bark throughout the evening and night.
Owner Details
Behaviour :
Worst experience. I am being harassed by the landlord.
Interference :
Amenities :
I found the listing via Flats and flatmates. It's a semi-furnished 3 BHK with a total rent of Rs. 24000 which comes to Rs. 8000 per person. This has been easy on the pocket and the house is in very good condition which is why I chose this. Worst experience. I am being harassed by the landlord. They have not given me an agreement when I started living here, I have been paying rent for 7 months without an agreement. Now they are not only deducting my one month's deposit which is as per the agreement that does not even have my name in it they are also charging me rent for next month even though December has been my notice period. They did not deduct any money for the previous occupant of my room as I replaced her in that room when she left. Though the house is in mint condition, zero damage ( I mean this, the walls, the cupboards, kitchen everything is in the same condition as it was given) they claim they need to get it painted as new tenants would want fresh paint smell. They also want to cut next month's rent additional to the paint cost even though this is not mentioned in the agreement ( again I'm not part of this agreement). They want to reduce one month's rent for paint and cleaning. They also want to reduce next month's rent which is not even mentioned in the agreement. Why none of this is fair is because I have been paying rent for 7 months without even having an agreement yet they are trying to impose whatever is written in the agreement on me and also add additional costs.
Utility Details
parking :
Power Backup :
regular cuts
Water Availibility :

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