3rd Main 3rd Cross Road
3rd Main 3rd Cross Rd, Chiranjeevi Layout, Hebbal Kempapura, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560024, India
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Overall Rating : ⭐️☆☆☆☆1 out of 5
Water Availibility
Annual rent hike
Rent per month
Secutiry Deposit
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Firnished Type
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Rooms :
good living room and bedrooms
Bathroom :
good bathrooms
Kitchen :
good hygiene in the kitchen
society :
Stray dogs issue, Neighbourhood is very dangerous. They will party the whole night making noise. Use disco lights in the parking which will directly enter the master bedroom. Has got one dog who will always poop in front of the gate and the owner will not interfere.
Owner Details
Behaviour :
Interference :
Amenities :
We had a pet dog and finding a house with a pet becomes difficult. So we chose this house also our kid school was nearby. worst experience. There were so many issues. Building chambers will overflow every quarter. The owner will throw water on stairs make the ground floor dirty. There was electric wiring issue due to which many appliances got defects. House has got termite. All of these issues the owner used to ignore stating that they have used a number 1 of things for the house. The owner will behave very decent on the face but as soon as we left the house he refused to return the deposit stating that all money went in repair and we should pay him more amount for the repair. He changed his kitchen cupboard which we are not sure about as his house has got termite in the kitchen which had been informed to him 2 years ago but he said that nothing like that. This house runs on tanker water and you have to remind every time to the owner for water and almost one day you have to be without water. Topping this building with a cherry ,the neighbor is also very dangerous who will put disco lights in the parking which will directly enter in the master bedroom and bother whole night and owner won't take any action. So overall don't go by the house look but it has got many defects which you will learn as long as you stay there. The worst part is when you will leave he will not return even a single penny instead he will ask for more money from you. Not only this we left out ceiling fan and ups and one wooden cupboard there as we were relocating from the city. Everything he just digested. He refused to pay the deposit back stating the whole amount went into repairing the house. First, he said he will deduct one month's rent, and later on, he refused to pay.
Utility Details
parking :
average parking
Power Backup :
regular cuts
Water Availibility :

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