45, 3rd Cross Rd
45, 3rd Cross Rd, Jaibharath Nagar, Vivekananda Nagar, Maruthi Sevanagar, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560033, India
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Overall Rating : ⭐️☆☆☆☆1 out of 5
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Rooms :
good living room and bedrooms
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good washrooms
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excellent kitchen
society :
Calm and peaceful neighborhood, Well connected
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Yes. When I initially rented the 1 RK, the contact person seemed very polite at the time. Within a month, the thermostat of the geyser had to be fixed (It was mostly on the verge of a breakdown when we moved in). The owner promptly handed us the bill after getting it fixed. After negotiations, he insisted that we pay 50% He had provided us with a refrigerator (a very old one probably 18years+) which seemed a good deal for a bachelor while renting out a place for the 1st time. He had also provided us with a metal cupboard without the keys to the cupboard and the safe (which we didn't mind because what will a bachelor need a safe for?) When the time came for us to move out, he sent in his Son for inspecting the house for damages. The son turned out to be a scamster! The refrigerator (due to age) had rusted at the door hinges. He blamed us for DAMAGING it. The rent was around 7000 for the 1st year and after the mandatory increase, it had reached around 9.5k. Ideally, a month's rent is not returned by owners for Painting charges. But, this Son of a landlord decided to utilize his negotiation skills to trap a couple of bachelors. 9500 - Mandatory one month rent for painting charges, 3000- Refrigerator hinge damage (It was due to rust & age), Cleaning charges- 2500, Tried to charge us 5000 for LOSING the cupboard keys (which by the way we didn't receive), but after tough negotiations, he decided against charging us. I always thought that I consumed too much electricity every month & thought that electricity was expensive in Bangalore. It's only after I moved to a different place did I realize that there was something fishy in the setup here. My bill used to run up to 800 - 1000 a month. In my new place, my usage is around 350-400 a month. I suspect that the water motor is connected to the tenant's electricity meter! No proof. I would have investigated further if I was an Electrical engineer. The reason why we stayed here was only that we didn't have ample time to search for a good place with privacy. PRIVACY- Is something you can't expect in this property. Friends not allowed, when you open the main gates, a bunch of curious eyes stares at you from the landlord's house on the ground floor. He may walk into your establishment anytime he deems fit. Though there were 3 separate families living here including the landlord, we were the sole reason if the water tank got empty, But, the Daddy owner decided to give us bear hugs as a parting gift because the other neighbors always thanked him for renting his house to "Well behaved bachelors". Again, do not deal with the son.
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parking :
average parking
Power Backup :
available at a particular timing
Water Availibility :
available at a particular timing

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