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Saaya Serene Apartment
245, Sahyadri Layout, Panduranga Nagar, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560076, India
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Overall Rating : ⭐️☆☆☆☆1 out of 5
Water Availibility
Annual rent hike
Rent per month
Secutiry Deposit
Returned Deposit
Security Deposit lost
Firnished Type
fully furnished
Type of house
Type of stay
Rooms :
poor living room and bedrooms.
Bathroom :
poor washrooms
Kitchen :
poor kitchen
society :
Stray dogs issue, Busy streets
Owner Details
Behaviour :
Interference :
Amenities :
Please beware of this owner- Namratha. Flat no: 3003 Saaya Serene. Her current tenants were finding a replacement quoting rent as Rs16k and deposit 75k. When I agreed to move in, they said 1)Now deposit is 1 lakh with no logical explanation 2)you will not get a contract. you give us the deposit and we will give it back to you 3)Landlady wants to increase the rent I questioned why has the deposit suddenly increased to which there was no logical explanation. Of course, this cannot be a typo. I told them I will not give any money without a contract. If the landlady wants she can keep a 6-month contract post which she can increase the rent as she would have after they had completed a year. I spoke to the landlady and she did a u- turn saying that she does not know why her tenants had quoted a lower deposit but it was always 1 lakh per person. I told her I am okay with it but provided she mentions in contract that no painting charges will be deducted from my deposit as she was not getting the house repainted and previous tenants had stayed there for 1.5 years. She agreed to it. She shares a format of contract at 10 PM just before a day I was supposed to move and give her the deposit. She wants 1 lakh per person as deposit and quotes 50k on the agreement!! No mention of painting charges not being deducted. Instead she writes that tenant will bear cost of any damage including painting. i tell her to change the clause to include that painting amount will be deducted only after giving a proof that any damage was done after current tenants vacate. I agree to give her 20k as token and move in and remaining 80k after signing the contract. i had quoted my move in date to her 15 days in advance and asked her to check every damage in the house and get a deep cleaning done before i move in(mandated by bbmp). Nothing was done, I was supposed to report her the damages a week after moving in, she did not agree to document those on contract, then she uses words like I cannot let you in, I am a lawyer but you go get the contract drafted to you are acting difficult(she had nothing to lose, she is holding the deposit of the current tenants). I chose not to have any dealings with such a person who has 0 integrity at all in terms of commitment. I have never seen a more greedy house owner in my life. I read posts where owners are okay getting deposits in 2-3 months installment and here she was pressurizing me for a fault of her own to make an upfront payment of 1 lakh when she did not draft the agreement as agreed and communicated earlier. Then she is acting as if she is being considerate by letting me rent her house. Really!! Don't these landlords live on our rent and feed like a parasite on the huge deposit we give them!!
Utility Details
parking :
poor parking
Power Backup :
available at a particular timing
Water Availibility :
available at a particular timing

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