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Pearlite Homes
Haralur Main Rd, Reliable Residency Layout, Phase-3, PWD Quarters, 1st Sector, HSR Layout, Haralur, Karnataka 560068, India
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Overall Rating : ⭐️☆☆☆☆1 out of 5
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poor living room average bedrooms
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average washrooms
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Calm and peaceful neighborhood, Stray dogs issue, Busy streets, Easy access to Grocery stores, Medical facilities
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The experience was a pathetic one. When I had a conversation with the owner while checking the house he was all sweet talk. He mentioned that he had worked in IT before and therefore knows the receipt and PAN thingy and agreed to provide the same. However, once he gets the deposit money he will never pick up the calls or reply to WhatsApp texts portraying that he is the busiest person on the planet. The monthly rent is looked after by his wife and she too will reach out only when she needs to confirm whether you have sent the money or not. Otherwise, she is always unresponsive. I had, later on, asked them to send me the rent receipt and PAN details, the husband did not respond and the wife asked me to vacate the house. I had a big argument with them regarding this. Guess what, I still did not receive the details. They had not even fixed the toilet flush before renting the flat and I had to ask them multiple times to send a plumber to fix it. Only after 3 months of moving into the apartment, I started facing issues with the house. The paint started chipping off from the walls in the hall and the bedroom walls showed seepage. It was a middle wall with no water pipes and I still wonder what caused this seepage. I called the owner multiple times and even pinged him but there was no response. He just sent me the plumber's number. The plumber did not take any interest in fixing the issue and mentioned that this issue happens in all the flats. Gradually the paint started chipping off from all the walls and the house turned totally uninhabitable. Moreover, the flat faces water issues and they take a lot of time to call the tankers. The owner's wife runs a hydroponics business and they have all the set up on this apartment terrace and use up the water. As a result, the tenants face water problems. Also, there is a problem with the house plumbing and other tenants had put up complaints about dirty water entering their kitchen and bedroom. The apartment does not have any power backup although it has a lift that either smells because of dead mice or does not work properly. The owner takes a lot of time to address the issues and will remain unresponsive for most of the time. Also, be ready to find a pond when you step out of your flat door after heavy rain. The stray dogs also enter the apartment and sleep on the stairs thus blocking the path. The corridor lights are turned off after 10 pm and the whole apartment turns completely dark with not even a single light on. I had severely sprained my ankle because of this. They do not provide the rent agreement when you shift and need continuous poking for providing the same. Also, there is no rent renewal done by them. That will be your own headache. I had timely informed the owner before vacating the flat and had asked him to return the deposit money when I hand over the keys. Still he chose to remain unresponsive and did not return the deposit money. The other outgoing tenants have also faced the same issue and have lost their security deposit. The owner does not provide any bills for water usage or maintenance and definitely charges surplus amounts. Had I known all these before moving into the apartment I would have never moved in that apartment. I know this is a long explanation. However, I hope this helps the other people looking out for flats and they do not face the same problems that I have. This apartment should be avoided at all costs if you want some peace.
Utility Details
parking :
poor parking
Power Backup :
occasionally unavailable
Water Availibility :
occasionally unavailable

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