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2M66+PF8, B Channasandra, Kasturi Nagar, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560043, India
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Stray dogs issue, Close Proximity to malls, shopping centers, Noisy neighbors from the lower economic spectrum resorting to drinking, shouting, beating up spouses, and throwing bottles from the roof
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I wish I could write the full story but it isn't in my reach. The story is from 2017 when I was laid off from my job & had to start my job hunt. I went home for some time & came back to resume my job search only to find that my bike wasn't starting anymore. I thought something serious might have happened during my absence or it's just bad luck or something. Luckily the landlord's ill-tempered brother-in-law ran a garage below the house (as evident from my address over there). I had my bike checked with him. He said that there is a problem in the bike's coil-plate assembly & that'd cost me upward of 1800, and additionally some 600 more to get other basic services. I neither had the money, nor the courage to spend that much. I came back home, checked for the possibility & realized that either I was extremely unlucky or the guy was trying to dupe me. Months passed by. I was still jobless. There wasn't any parking in the house. I had to park that bike every time outside. The bike was eating dust, its seat covered cracked because of the sun & heat. I pitied its condition. I felt miserable for not being able to fix it. To add insult to injury, I lost some job opportunities because I simply couldn't afford to go to those places for a F2F interview. One day, I felt it was too much and I tried to get it checked one more time. I was unlucky once again - I did not receive any reliable assessments about what was wrong. But eventually... I got a job & when the salary arrived I contacted DrivoJoy & that guy.. oh my, heartiest thanks to him.. he fixed it in a second. He said.. someone had intentionally unplugged the wiring harness which was underneath the fuel tank. Few yards away, my landlord and his brother-in-law were looking at me with their mouths gaping wide in shame and horror. I knew that it had to be them. Fast forward a year and the brother-in-law had to close his business (karma bro, karma) and the landlord renovated that garage & turned it into a Condiment shop. I felt that the landlord had learned his lesson, but no. I had to literally beg him to refund my security deposit. It took me an arduous 7 or more months to recover the entire amount. When I look back, I feel "good riddance". the landlord deducted the nearly 30K from the 75K deposit, citing painting charges, 1-month rent (although as a diligent tenant, I had paid the last month's rent too) plus an extra 1 month's rent just for the lulz (I don't have a better word for this). Additionally, he did not return the money at once. I had to visit him several times, like once every fortnight & recovering the entire 45k or so took me about 7-9 months.
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