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Bren Paddington Block-B
Bren Paddington Block-B, Bellandur, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560103
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So let me start from the very beginning: When we first saw the house on no broker it was listed for 35k. But we made a mistake and sounded desperate on the phone with the broker(no broker agent). The owner increased the price to 40k. We negotiated ad brought it down to 39k. When we moved we made another mistake of trusting the owner and not taking a full video of the entire apartment. Bathroom tiles were dirty, cupboards are damaged, mosquito nets were totally damaged. We requested the owner a hundred times to fix the said issues. But he kept on delaying it to a point that we have to make temporary arrangements for a mosquito net atleast. The rest of the things were manageable by us. Next year he increased the rent to 43k(more than a 10% increase). When we asked him to make a new agreement, he said you guys only make it I don't have time as if the real owners are us and not him. Then came the COVID time. In this difficult time, when our parents were facing salary cuts and we had to move to our native place, we asked him to consider reducing the rent as no one was living there and it was not reasonable to pay that much huge amount for an empty flat. He said no problem you guys can reduce the maintenance charges and pay it separately to society. When we tried to negotiate he asked us to leave in the middle of a pandemic. We were three guys living in the apartment and all the three belonged to separate cities. In that difficult time, we had no option but to leave the apartment. On top of that, he said you will have to give me a notice period of 45 days( the agreement was not there in place). We stopped paying him to rent ad said you can cut that amount from the security deposit ad return the rest as we had a doubt that this greedy person won't spare our security deposit. We somehow vacated his place. We sent him proof of the damages that were already there in the house before we moved in(we had taken few pictures to send to the owner when we were requesting him for repair). Still, he deducted deep cleaning charges(tiles were dirty remember?), cupboard repair charges, new geyser installation, mosquito net repair. He didn't even give us proper bills or receipts of the service done. He just returned 14k out of 2 lac rupees. Most greedy owner I have ever seen. He renovated his entire apartment with our security money. Even after requesting him a lot, he didn't listen. We produced the proof that all damages he is claiming were already there and we had asked him way back to repair them, even then he charged us for those damages. We could have gone to the police but the police in Bangalore won't listen to outsiders. This incident has made our stay and image of Bangalore pathetic.
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