Colive Sunrise
NH-44, Service Rd, near Bawarchi Resturaunt, LRDE Layout, Doddanekkundi, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560037, India
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Overall Rating : ⭐️☆☆☆☆1 out of 5
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Calm and peaceful neighborhood, Stray dogs issue, The biggest problem is there is these mining lorry pass right in front of the pg even though its located away from the main road. They dump a whole load of dust right at your face when you walk outside PG, the vehicles parked outside are covered with a thick layer of dust, very harmful for health.
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It's like a normal PG room, has no TV facilities in any room, a bit cleaner than the rest you normally see, hot water facility is good, unlike the solar heater you see most of the other PGs. Colive is a scam! their salespeople cheat you right at the start itself by first luring you into getting a room at a low rent and deposit amount, then every month they will keep raising the rent under some pretext, it's after you make the payment for rent & deposit you are shown the agreement which has all kinds of unfair one-sided clauses & you are asked to sign this which itself is blatant cheating since you were not informed about a rental agreement when they approached you, now you have no other option but to sign it because you have already paid the deposit & a months rent money. They are the most money-minded leeches I have seen yet, under some pretext they keep raising the rent, there are regular power cuts here and many times even water won't be available at the night. To use wifi you need to login by mobile OTP, let's say there is 5 times power cut in a day which happens regularly at their stupid PG then you won't be able to use the wifi after 5th-time login because there is a maximum login limit!!! they never address any of such issues, there are multiple things broken in the washroom already which you will be charged at the time of leaving. For around 400 people in this PG, there are 4 washing machines! and the food which is given one time in the day for an exorbitant rent is such that even dogs will refuse to eat it. Their rental agreement has a clause that last month rent won't be settled against the deposit which itself is a hint to the scale of scam these scumbags are doing, once you leave their stupid PG forget getting your deposit back, in fact, they will further send some extra charges to you on mail saying if you don't pay them you will be sued legally, for example, they charge Rs 2000 as separation charges on leaving, this is how they harass to get every penny out of you, in hindsight I would suggest its better to live in a normal PG then in services like Colive which in the name of a decent PG service are basically organized scam, I did a big mistake by joining here.
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