6th Main Road
6th Main Rd, Andra Colony, Vannarpet Layout, Viveka Nagar, Bengaluru, Karnataka, India
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Overall Rating : ⭐️⭐️☆☆☆2 out of 5
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Stray dogs issue, Well connected, Easy access to Grocery stores, Medical facilities, Close Proximity to malls, shopping centres
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Its a standalone house in Karthik Nagar, A very good residential area with mostly independent houses and nice local market nearby with the ORR at 2 mins walking distance, We moved into this house post our marriage & stayed there till we left Bangalore for Hyderabad due to job changes in covid times-August 15th 2020, The owner had always been good to us , All he wanted was to take care of the house as it was a really beautiful house & we were always better than his expectations, It was a Duplex house 3bhk on each floor with independent setup on each floor, His elder daughter use to stay on the first floor & we had occupied the ground floor, She wasnt very friendly on lot of grounds but I think that doesnt matter that much,moving on to more important incident, Our rent agreement had a notice period of 3 months hence on 17th of May we gave him notice that we will be vacating the house mostly by Aug mid or end at max so he can start his notice period for us now,it was done on a call as so far we never had any issues with him on any ground, post which he made a visit one day & we told him in person the same thing & he said he would be fine with whatever suits us but he never said that the notice period will not be counted from the middle of the month etc , Also he used to say you have maintained the house really well ,as a matter of fact we even did & the house never needed a repaint but still when we were leaving he deducted 36500 for painting & additional half month for the notice period shortfall hence we were charged more than 50k for what could have been easily avoided, moreoever he never told us before that he will do a repaint else we would have offered him t get that done on our own, I even told him that there is no clause in Rent agreement which says that the notice period has to be from the 1st of any month but he never accepted it, for him it was by default understood, Basically people change when they need to pay back & after that there is no value of words or your good work! His name is Janaki Ram Gowda. it took more than 20 days to get back the deposit, he said ill go to the house look at his condition n then decide on the amount, Also when we kept on calling him again n again to come n inspect the house till we were there he kept on making some or the other excuse, post we left he said I will only look once I have the keys in my hand, I was very clear about handing over the keys at the moment I get my deposit back hence asked my brother to give him those in hand and get the deposit back.
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