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Viveks Sanskaar Apartments
Sy No. 72/1, 72/2, Belathur Main Rd, Belathur, Whitefield, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560067, India
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Very soft-spoken when renting out and exact opposite while leaving. We paid 1,00,000 Rs as deposit money and got only 19,000 back. So that's why house owners ask that much money as a deposit, is it? We vacated the flat on 9th Jan and got this amount on 3rd Feb. They charged us as below: 19000 - Rent of December month (OK) 19000 - Rent of January month even though we vacated on 9th. 18000 - Painting charges (Can anyone tell me if it really costs this much because I don't think so) 4000 - Cleaning Charges (Don't know if this is fair or not) 1000 - Removal of waste cartons (One may think this should be covered in cleaning charges, but no) 15000 - Replacement of a couple of rusted items like hinges (I think they don't know it can easily be cleaned by Vinegar which costs you max 100 bucks, so they want to replace them) and replacement of unaligned drawer (Because apparently, you cant repair stuff, the only option is replacement) The drawer was already in a bad position when we moved which turned into a worse state. 5000 - Carpenter Charges (One may think it is already covered above, but no) We haven't received any kind of receipt for any of this. Now, this house has a lot of moisture. We had kept our luggage bags on the top cupboard, and they were not identifiable after one month. Even our furniture got rusted, but are we blaming them? She even charged us for the things which were broken before we moved in. For example, the Glass of a hanging light was broken when we moved and she herself admitted that in WhatsApp, but now she is putting it on us. I shared that chat screenshot with her, but she is still blaming us for breaking it. You can see for yourself, attaching the chat screenshots for the broken chandelier and non-working light above the kitchen. Few lights were missing in the house and they were mentioned in the rental agreement, so we asked her to install these lights. She said its about trust and we don’t need to worry. Now she charged us for that too. Sharing the pictures/chat screenshots with her was of no use. The Health Faucet of one of the bathrooms was broken when we moved, and we complained but she kept delaying for months! We had to replace it with our money. She didnt agrees to adjust that amount in rent either and now she is charging us replacement charges for a little rusted tap. The ceiling of one of the bathrooms keeps leaking and we could not use it. We were paying rent for 2 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms, not one! I wonder why they didnt blame us for that and added this charge too We (2 people) had stayed at this house for 1.5 years, so you can get the idea of damage/dirt that's possible. I don't like a dirty house myself, so used to keep everything tidy. It was not our first house in Bangalore, and no one had charged us that kind of money. We had stayed at multiple houses for a way longer period and we were charged one month's rent as per the agreement. We missed our Badminton and Tennis Rackets while moving out and they denied finding them. Everyone deducted rent in corona times, but our kind owners increased ours, even though our salaries were reduced. They are very rich people by the way. What about the money one can save if they invest 1 Lac Rs in Mutual funds or something? She came to our house once when we had moved in for replacing an item in the kitchen. We were at the office at that time but still agreed. She came with some random neighbor kids and went through our stuff. How I know our Wi-fi was off when we had left but it was on when we came back. Later she told us that some neighbor kids came with her, they were watching our TV and played with our pillows. Wow!
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