Nandi Arcade
80, 27th Cross Rd, ITI Layout, Sector 7, HSR Layout, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560068, India
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Overall Rating : ⭐️☆☆☆☆1 out of 5
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Busy streets, Easy access to Grocery stores, Medical facilities
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My stay here was without hassles. But the owner denied the refund of the deposit completely on vacating the property. The owner's behavior was rude and I am cheated of the whole 70000 rupees I paid as a deposit. I initially got this house through Furnome which was a third party that sublet the house on behalf of the owner. The rent was 19500 including maintenance and the deposit paid was 70000. Around March 2020 Furnome merged with Greater and I started paying rent to them. Till now no issues. Cut to October 2020, I got a mail from the owner of the building Mr. Bharath saying Furnome/Grexter has handed over the building back to him due to issues unknown and that I will have to pay the rent to him. When asked about the deposit amount he said he will take care of the deposit and refund it back when we vacate. The pandemic was in full swing and I was in my hometown since June but was still paying full rent. I talked to the owner that I will be vacating the flat because the full rent wasn't feasible for me to pay as I wasn't staying there anyway. He said he would reduce the rent and 14000 was the new negotiated rent. Now I got married and moved back to Bangalore in February 2021 and the place seemed too small for the 2 of us. So I gave the owner notice to vacate the flat on 14th February. He said I will have to serve the notice till March end because he wouldn't get any tenant mid-month. This was weird as my initial rental agreement mentioned only 1 month's notice. When asked when he would refund my deposit he said 1 week after I vacate. I vacated the flat on 1st April and gave back all the keys to the flat on 2nd April. 1 set of keys was already with him since 15 March for prospective tenants to see the flat. After 10 days of chasing him for the deposit he said he owes me nothing as: 1. He only is responsible for 60% of the deposit because Furnome/Grexter still owes him a lot of money. 2. From the 60% after deducting the "discount" from the rent paid from October to March there is nothing left to pay from the deposit I paid. The thing to note here is 14k is near about the rent he is charging the new tenants now as post-Covid rents have come down drastically everywhere. I still have the mail where he said he would take care of the deposit amount and never it was mentioned in writing or any way that he would deduct anything from the deposit on account of the negotiated rent. This guy is lying through his teeth now. If I had vacated the flat in October last year, given the pandemic situation he wouldn't have got any tenants for the flat. The negotiated rent was a win-win situation for both of us. Now, this guy is acting as if he showed me mercy and did me a huge favor. When indeed what he did was cheating me of 70k.
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