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ARK Serene County
3G Homes Crimson Layout, Kadugodi, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560067, India
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Overall Rating : ⭐️☆☆☆☆1 out of 5
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semi furnished
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Stray dogs issue, Easy access to Grocery stores, Medical facilities
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House was spacious compared to other Bangalore apartments, but see my experience regarding the refund of deposit and association of society which is not good. The landlord will seem friendly when you rent, you will get to know him at the time of vacating. I will share my experience in detail, bear with me. The owner stays in the US and he has some local relative in Bangalore who manages the house. The apartment was rented in august 2017 and while renting also in agreement it was mentioned while leaving the apartment deposit will be returned fully if an apartment is in good condition apart from normal wear and tear. FYI we didn't renew the rent agreement which already expired in July 2018. In march 2020 covid started in India and we were in Bangalore only and stuck there only(see my comment regarding association why I used the word stuck). In May (2020) last week, everybody returned to their home. We were paying full rent till august 2020 and the owner agreed to reduce the rent from September only that also he was charging 15000 which is also too much when nobody is staying. Then again 4 months passed and we realized that paying 15000 each month does not make sense when our company also extended the homework home. Then we informed the owner at the starting of January that we will be vacating the house in January 2021 end. Then he was like you just pay 6000 per month and stay. This is a situation when we were told we are vacating but that didn't work for us and as it was still not making sense to pay rent for nothing and some of us already booked the ticket for Bangalore to vacate the flat. Then we went and did the cleaning of the house by paying 1500 and vacated the flat. Then comes the time of refund of the deposit, the owner was constantly delaying, we were following up regularly. Then on March first week, he deducted a sum of 35000 saying some random painting/cleaning/fixes. Despite the house was cleaned by us, there was nothing to fix and painting was also not required in the hall, only rooms and kitchen were sufficient. We asked for bills also, but he didn't provide any bills.
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