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The Green Terraces
Smondoville Road, Neotown, Electronics City Phase 1, Electronic City, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560100, India
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Calm and peaceful neighborhood, Well connected, Easy access to Grocery stores, Medical facilities
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While I lived in the house, it's been okay. As soon as I notified them about vacating the flat, they became Vindictive. Also, a few months back there were issues with the Geyser and The hand Shower, and their pipes were required to be changed. It cost around 1k in total and I transferred them 500 Rs. Less as part of that month's rent. They called me out for it and made me pay the remaining 500 as well. They told that such replacements need to be borne by you. I didn't Question much as it was a matter of 500 rs. and I could afford it. Dear Team, I hope you're keeping safe in these tough times. Actually I'm having some trouble with my owners, hendlcd thought to seek help here in this group.. I'm listing the issues that I'm facing with my owners as follows. Please help me if possible. 1. It's a 1BHK apartment and in the name of furnishings, A semi automatic washing machine, fridge, TV, Bed, Mattress, Geyser, TV cabinet, bedroom cupboards and modular kitchen has been provided. 2. My Rental agreement expires on 31st May 2021 and I'll be vacating this apartment by the end of the June. Owner has 1+ month of notice that I'll be vacating their flat. 3. I've paid a deposit of 1 lac for this apartment and my Rent per month is 18k. 4. Owner behaved very vindictively after coming to know about me vacating the flat. She asked me to send pictures of each and every item, which I did. Afterwards she called me on WhatsApp and said- Sofa has a stain and it's of no use for me anymore, I'll be discarding it and will be charging 25k for it from your deposit. The dining table chairs have stains and they're of no use either anymore, without the chairs, the table is of no use either, hence the whole dining set also I'll discard and that amounts to 20k which I'll be deducting from your deposit. Apart from this, 18k as one month's rent for painting and cleaning charges. 5. I asked her to adjust my June's rent in the deposit money itself, but on top of the 1 lac of deposit, she wants me to pay her an extra 18k for June's rent and says it can't be adjusted from your deposit. It's a clear case of extorting money. The stains that she is talking about can be easily deep cleaned by Urbanclap Homes services. Also, I checked the price of the dining set and the 3 seater sofa on the home center and they amount to 7.9k and 16.9k respectively.
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