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Sobha Apartments
Nagasandra, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560073, India
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Calm and peaceful neighborhood, Easy access to Grocery stores, Medical facilities
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We moved into this house during the pandemic..we were living in the same society in another block and had an amazing owner who waited out till we found a good place but coz of covid and budget issues and not finding a third roommate we were not getting many leads. This owner Srinivas was in touch with my roommate pre-pandemic but we weren't a fan of the place. He still kept in touch as he was in the US and had no one locally to help. We finally had no option and agreed. He asked a million questions and took so many documents including a passport which made no sense. We overlooked it at first assuming it was his paranoia. Then we got to know that he had spoken to the current tenant at length about us which again we understood. When we saw the house right before we decided to move we told him the house needed painting and deep cleaning, a bunch of boys had stayed there for 5years and the place was in not such good shape. He wasn't happy with the idea. He asked the ex-tenant to book it up coz it would be deducted from his deposit and fix the electricals. We had to physically coordinate the painting after the tenant left and also the cleaning is done by him was a poor job and we asked to be done professionally. We were paying good money for the place which at that point was the same as our old place which was very well done. He was unhappy. Also when I saw the rent agreement it wasn't his name on it but his FIL in Chennai, he was pissed when asked and after a back and forth he sent a deed in his wife's name. So we asked his whereabouts, his address, and work location only to find he was currently unemployed. It was very suspicious. He insisted we transfer the deposit ie 1lac a week in advance before we move in we didnt get it. Also, the agreement said 2month's notice, and when insisted he said it's just written as a formality and he's never had anyone read the agreement for real and we were just making a deal about it. I really tried to push but at that point, my roommate just said he has agreed to not take the 3rd person rent till we find one so let it go. I was uncomfortable. As we moved in our transport guy ran away from us, the building manager of the new building offered help @4pm and said he'll talk to the RWA to extend the moving time. His boys came at 5 pm and we were no just loaded with 80% stuff by 6 pm when he called and told us we can't move that day as it's out of moving ours. Our beds were dismantled, it was peak covid and our stuff was all in the truck, we were stranded. We asked the owner to call the RWA but they didn't budge. We lived in the next block 500m away but we spent the night on the floor. To worse it all next day was Sunday and Mykonos building didnt permit to move then. We managed somehow until Monday. When we move in Monday a lot of things were not working including the sink drainage, geyser leaked, gas stove, no gas pipe to the modular kitchen, lights weren't working, it wasn't a liveable place, didn't work properly, etc. we had given the visible list before we came in and the ones we discovered we fixed it all on day one. We sent the bills for reimbursement to the owner. He hammered us on the expense and claiming why we didn't buy it off Amazon. No one buys gas-related stuff off amazon in India, we said we did our best. The thing was the last tenant never reported any issues and the boys that lived for the last 5years avoided communication coz he was a meddler. When we told him the boys have left the house in bad shape he asked us to leave. We were tired of the bickering and honestly unnecessary building rules. We thought he wouldn't react this way, so we started looking for another place in a week's time. He first asked us to leave in a few days and when asked about the deposit he said he can only give after 2months + 1month as per agreement (yeah that was another clause, deposit return 1 month after leaving which again he refused to budge) we thought that what of this jobless guy never pays..how will we find him in the US. We were told to keep staying rent-free without paying rent till we use up 1lac but he started asking for rent end of the month. We couldn't hold to stay in the house which we never got to unpack in and looked for places tirelessly..finally, when it seemed liked nothing was working we decided to sell all our stuff and move back to our parents (not the best decision for long term) but we were left with no option and no mental energy. We stayed 1 month..paid rent for two months and got the deposit back after 3 months. The worst decision of our life. Luckily we didnt have to pay 3 people's rent for the period of stay but that guy was hell rude and the society folks were horrible even when it came to rules, they were bias and unapologetic in covid times.
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