5, 4th Main Rd
5, 4th Main Rd, BEML Layout, Brookefield, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560066, India
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Overall Rating : ⭐️⭐️☆☆☆2 out of 5
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Stray dogs issue, Close Proximity to malls, shopping centres
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We took a fairly new semi-furnished house that had a few issues as following: 1. Geyser issue 2. A few chipped walls in the master bedroom 3. Fan regulator issue 4. Scratches on the dining table. But, as the owners resided below they assured us to get the regulator and geyser issue fixed in a few months. 2 years passed but they still did not get it fixed. After the completion of the 1st year they increased the rent by 5% despite government advise on rent freeze during the COVID period from March 2020 to sept 2020. We still managed to pay the rent on time for the next one year more until in 2021 they increased the rent by 10% again. Meanwhile, they had started construction of another house from December 2020 which continues even till now that is June 2021. Due to the construction, our personal area-the balcony was completely useless as the house was more like a penthouse. They continued the construction despite lockdown or covid surge in cases exposing us daily to the risk of contamination, as the construction was being done just on top of our house with the workers accessing our balcony and personal space on a daily basis. When we raised concerns, we were shot down saying that construction is crucial. As tenants we did not have much say so we endured. But finally in May when we informed them about our relocation and that we would be vacating by June putting a month's notice, they began to act out. During possession, the owners had claimed that the total rent of Rs 26250 was inclusive of electricity and maintenance (mind you it's not a society so maintenance only includes cleaning but the household was only provided in 2021 that too on and off. ) Finally, after vacating and constant delays in paying the deposit back, we decided to instead deduct may and June rent out of it and they agreed. Post that, around Rs 42,500 was left with them which they assured they will return after deducting painting charges and other damages. But after vacating they made a long list of unreasonable costs like mattress stitching, ambiguous carpentry work, lamination change, sanitization (although we sanitized and cleaned the house before leaving), curtain charges (never ever used the curtains as we put up our own), etc....creating a bill of some Rs60,000... They did not pay it back and made up unreasonable charges
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