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Mahaveer Marvel
Kodichikkanahalli Main Rd, Doctors Layout, Lake City, Bommanahalli, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560068, India
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Overall Rating : ⭐️⭐️☆☆☆2 out of 5
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We rented this apartment a year back and the owner didnt do any pest control or deep.cleaning.he only did regular cleaning and used some disinfectant in the kitchen when we informed him again and again about cleaning and other pests at home. He also didnt paint the house before giving it to us. The house is very well used and old and you can see that in the bathroom and utility area etc. From the first day onward owner was in denial of everything and kept saying he has cleaned the home and done the pest control etc even though we sent him.photos. looking at his careless behaviour towards all our concerns in the beginning only I told him that we dont want to live here and we are leaving. That day he had come to our home for the first time since we rented his house and did some minor fixing of curtain rods. Thinking of the hassle and everything to move again we decided not to leave. When the time came to renew the debt agreement I told him not to mention any clause of painting charges since he didnt paint it either. He told me he spoke to us last year also and he will look at the house condition and then decide. I told him it's not fair. You didnt clean the house or did pest control or paint then why should we pay while leaving. Intact I had paid from my pocket for kitchen cleaning from urban clap. he said we can mutually compromise and talk about the painting charges. I told him there is nothing mutual. From the first day itself, it's only the tenants who are compromising. Today he barged into our house without informing us when only my mom and my younger brother were at home. He started picking on petty things like why there is so much dust at home and why there are cockroaches at home. I reminded him that cockroaches were there when we moved to this house and we informed you about it. You didnt do anything about it. He is asking why the kitchen chimney is not cleaned when. he himself didnt clean it and he has some unrealistic expectations to keep the house crystal clean at all given points in time. The main reason. behind all the nagging and pettiness was the fact that I asked him to remove the painting charges clause. He is also extremely sexist because he never wanted to deal with me since I am a girl and when he had come to our home during the initial days he made a very sexist remark quoting his wife and saying females generally take tension for the smallest of the things. He also has the habit of sending vendors like plumbers etc to check the house without any prior notice. Last time even though I told his wife to inform us they still sent someone last moment. I.would suggest renting. this apartment only if you are willing to. compromise and lose money. I am highly doubtful if he will give us our deposit also.
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