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17th D Cross Road
17th D Cross Rd, JHCS Layout, Nanjundeswara Layout, J P Nagar Phase 5, J. P. Nagar, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560078, India
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Overall Rating : ⭐️☆☆☆☆1 out of 5
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Busy streets, Very disturbing place because there is one apartment very close, where kids play and there will be lots of noise
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Well, I am giving my personal account of a genuine experience of the matter, if you are new to the city it might be of help. This landlord has the worst behavior I have ever seen. When you meet the landlord for the first time, they do buttering and make a warm welcome. This is temporary. Once you pay the advance, it's done. The landlord will be behind your back and starts interfering in almost everything. Continuously asking to clean here and there, which is already clean. And also if you want to wash your vehicle, here it is not possible because the tap is locked and they won't allow it. And at the beginning, they say you can use the terrace to dry the clothes. After few days they say, someone has destroyed our plants and we don't allow anyone there. Coming to the house, it's a 2BHK house, where you can see old electrical appliances, it is not checked when the previous tenant checks out the house. It's given same, and if you face any problems in between, they ask you to pay a penalty for it and for sure it will be more than the cost of repair. If any problems occur, they are not ready to fix them. They just ignore. You need to keep lights on for the whole day because the house is too dark and there is no proper ventilation. Unwanted blaming keeps ongoing, which makes the tenant irritated. Coming to the kitchen, there is no proper space to keep your utensils and there is no utensils storage space is given. You need to buy separate utensils that stand for that. You need to keep the washing machine in the bathroom, which is already small in size. And always there is a water problem. The automatic water pump is not switched on, even though it is there. You need to wait for hours, to get water. And when you are leaving the house, you can expect a big fight. Apart from deducting painting charges and rental bills, they deduct an extra 2k-5k for cleaning the bathroom and floor which is not at all mentioned in the agreement. And talking about our characters and involving in our personal life. One funny thing is involving kids in the fight. This was very clear how parents teach their kids to behave in front of elders. So we could clearly understand overall behavior is not at all good. Better not to choose this place and be careful. This is the genuine experience I can share. They deducted 15k for painting as well as 2k extra for bathroom cleaning. Extra 2k deduction was not mentioned in the agreement.
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