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Rooms review
This is a spacious house, but an old one. A very old one so much so that you'll have damaged plumbing,wiring and leaking roofs. Do not rent it unless all these have been fixed.
Bathrooms review
The attached bathroom is good. The common one doesn't have a geiser. However the main problem lies in the fact that during rainy seasons, there is a leak somewhere under...
Kitchen review
Normal size for a 2 bhk. The cupboards are made of lowest quality chinese wooden fillings (although the owner will say it's italian.) And at the end of tenure will cost you 8k or more to fix it. Reason - moisture in the kitchen gets absorbed into the fillings which destroys it over time. Didn't know untill my carpenter told me that this is a stupid thing to do in a kitchen and the owner is just trying to get his kitchen furnished from every tenant that lives there.
Owners review
The guy lives far away and will only come to collect the rent. He speaks well and will say things like you are part of the family, - I don't know why he thinks anyone would fall for that - but just act like it, for the old mans sake. You will not get any assistance from him whatever happens to the house - be it electrical issues/ water issues (keep an eye out for that water authority inlet valve outside near the ground floor. - its leaking towards the road...


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Woodendoors was a saviour when we were looking house for rent in bangalore. The detailed review of house, kitchen and owner gave saved us from long terms harassment from the landlord. Brokers never tell truth about the problems in the house as they want their commission fast.

Thank you wooden doors


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